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Mercy House

Starting in 1988, Mercy House, concerned with family unity, felt it was important to empower families with the ability to overcome homelessness together. They are a complete support and educational program for families affected by homelessness.

Mercy House serves only families with dependent children, maintaining their focus on building and strengthening family unity by teaching families about the importance of living and working together. Case managers help individuals focus on education, job skills, life resources, personal hygiene, emotional health, physical and dental health, social relationships, childcare needs, spiritual needs, and time management.

In an effort to divert households from becoming homelessness:  If a household has been to court and the judge has given an out date that is within 10 days and the household meets income and other requirements, Mercy House may be able to halt the eviction by paying arrearages. 
In an effort to shorten the length of homelessness:  If a household is literally homeless, that is, living in a camper, vehicle, on the street or in a shelter, Mercy House may be able to pay the first month’s rent and rental and utility deposits to help the household become re-housed. 
All housing and homeless issues in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County should go through Centralized Intake.  The number is 540 271 1701.  The housing counselor is frequently serving callers, so a new caller has to leave a voice message. If a caller is eligible for shelter, homeless prevention or re-housing, the housing counselor at Centralized Intake will make a referral to the appropriate agency.

Contact Information

PO Box 1478
Harrisonburg, VA, 22803

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